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Best Truck Transportation Service In India

Transparency in work

ChallBhai is an elite Logistics company providing timely delivery of transportation services. We have a customer centric approach and are one of the best truck transportation services in India. We have a dedicated and professional team who ensures that your products are safe & secure. We work with honesty & transparency which has helped us gain trust of numerous customers. Our skilled specialists have deep knowledge of this service and therefore succeed in providing an excellent experience to our customers throughout the consignment.

Innovation & efficiency

We focus on providing efficient services at reasonable costs so that we can get customer appreciation. We provide Truck transportation service for various industries such as Oil, Power, Cement, Engineering, Gas, Chemicals, Refineries and many more. We have built a reputation in this business by effectively transporting critical & sensitive products. We have taken transportation to another level using our knowledge, experience & innovation. We aim to offer complete transportation service so that our customers don’t have to worry about anything related to moving their products from one location to another. This includes packing, loading, transportation, unloading and all these tasks are done in a safe, secure & reliable manner.

Trained Drivers

We have the latest technology fleet service for transportation of heavy consignments safely, securely and on time. We have fully trained, verified & experienced drivers who know the traffic rules and other criticalities associated with travel & transport. We provide you the best route, vehicle & timeframe as per your requirement & budget. We strictly follow the transportation guidelines and abide by the rules & regulations. We provide high quality service in a cost-effective manner & excellent 24/7 customer support. We can deliver your consignment anywhere & anytime safely & securely in a timely manner. We provide transportation services using road network to metro cities, urban areas & rural areas all over India. We have various types of vehicles in our fleet such as trailers, trucks, cranes, forklifts etc for effect transportation services. We have got all our vehicles tested against pollution control and all our heavy goods vehicles are tested for road worthiness. We have installed GPS device in all vehicles so that these can be tracked real time and any messages can be communicated if required. We properly maintain our fleet and ensure that there is no breakdown even in the toughest conditions such as bad road conditions. In case there is a breakdown, then we have a backup plan to avoid any wastage of time.


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