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Road Transportation Service Providers

Use of Latest Technology

Transportation is an essential factor for every business as goods need to be moved from one location to another. ChallBhai is one of the largest Road Transportation Service Providers in India offering relocating services using latest technology at reasonable costs for complete customer satisfaction. We have a large fleet of numerous vehicles providing our transportation services all over India. We offer transportation services for various types of products such as pharmaceuticals, home appliances, food products, iron goods, wires, steel goods, cables etc. We provide excellent quality transportation service for heavy loads for large commercial organizations.

Excellent resources

We have highly qualified & experienced people for managing our huge network of transporters and other stakeholders. We continuously strive to provide services with perfection and have been successful as it is evident from our past work. We offer trustworthy & reliable services and are equipped with latest technology resources for efficient & safe transportation. We ensure timely delivery without any hassles using our huge network. We have a wide range of vehicles for transportation of all kinds of goods such as Single Axle Open Body LPT vehicles, Multi Axel Open Body vehicles and many more. We have a large number of experienced & skilled professionals who continuously work with honesty to fulfill our customer’s requirements. We have a fleet maintenance workshop to maintain our resources effectively.

Our Aim

We have a large fleet, high quality equipment & a wide network to transport goods safely, securely & in a timely manner. Our experienced experts dedicatedly work to bring innovative ideas and are capable of handling any troubles that can occur in the road transportation service. We focus on achieving customer satisfaction by providing excellent quality transport services in a cost-effective manner. We have numerous branches all over India providing full transportation support to our customers.

Convenience for customers

We have an online platform that allows our customers & vendors to perform transactions online instead of going out for availing the service. Customers can mention their details on this platform and vendors will then bid for service. Our customers can then choose the vendor suitable for their requirement in terms of duration, costs, reliability etc. One of the main benefits of our online platform is that customers can view the profiles of different vendors and even evaluate the vendors by chatting with them. Our customers can make payment directly to the chosen vendor via this platform and avail the services. We ensure quality service and consider the surveys filled by our customers about the performance of our employees & vendors.


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