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Truck Transport Directory

Pleasant experience

You can choose your pickup & drop location and a vehicle that is suitable for you. We will manage the complete service from there. You can use our mobile app service and experience a hassle-free truck booking service. Our reputed vendors ensure that your goods are transported safely & securely to the required destination. You can stay relaxed by getting updates using our live vehicle tracking system and SMS/email on the mobile apps.

Effective On-demand services

You can provide your feedback once you have taken our services so that we can use it for improvement of our services. We have transparency in all our operations & dealings and we offer you our services at reasonable costs. We offer safe & reliable trucks and your goods would be transported safely & securely by our verified & trained vendors. We provide excellent logistics service & other cost-effective solutions to various kinds of customers such as households & businesses. We offer excellently maintained LCVs for all your logistics requirements on various lease models. We take care of all your peak season & bulk booking requirements using our on-demand fleet.

Our success

We provide you timely & safe service in a cost-effective manner on freight forwards so that you can focus on your business without worrying about your goods. We work hard continuously to improve the quality of our service and have established ourselves among India’s largest mini truck aggregators. We provide our services to each customer with focus on achieving appreciation through our efficient services and therefore have grown in this business and became one of the most prominent Truck Booking Services in India. We have branches in numerous cities and have an extensive fleet base of numerous vehicles. We have numerous trips in a single day and have built strong & trustworthy relationship with all our customers.

Effective online platform

ChallBhai is a reliable mini truck aggregator that provides transparency in prices offered by different vendors on a single online platform. ChallBhai provides effective vehicle utilization by installing GPRS tracking system that ensures timely delivery of goods & quickly resolves any problems that occur while transportation. We have excelled in the field of vehicle deployment and grown to a large scale. Our experienced specialists & other staff work with honesty & transparency so that any problems in the operations can be identified & rectified as soon as possible.

Variety of goods delivered

We are experienced in handling various types of goods in our logistics service such as fruits, medical products, timber products, pharmaceutical products, vegetables, processed foods, frozen foods, electronic goods and e-commerce related merchandise. You can easily avail our managed services just by a click of a button on our online platform and we will provide you appropriate solutions as per your specific requirements.


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